❄️西班牙 橡果黑毛豬火腿炸鮮奶 Spain Iberico Ham Croquettes



每包15粒 約250g (weight per pack of 15 croquettes) * 適合作餐前小吃、派對食物,特別適合用氣炸鍋 成份: 全脂牛奶、麵包糠、小麥粉、黑毛豬火腿和肩肉、橄欖油、蛋白、牛油、黑毛豬煙肉、洋蔥、忌廉、凝固劑、鹽 * Perfect air fryer food item, great as appetiser Béchamel sauce with finely chopped, slow cooked Iberian ham cooked very slowly with fresh milk and covered with a crispy breading Ingredients: Pasteurised whole milk, breadcrumbs, wheat flour, Iberian ham and paleta, olive oil, egg albumin, butter, Iberian pork bacon, onion, pasteurised cream, methyl cellulose gelling agent, salt

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