❄️西班牙 粟飼黃油全雞 Spain Pio Corn fed Yellow Whole Chicken



$120/kg 每隻大約1.5kg per whole chicken * 讓雞隻緩慢成長,最少56日 * 只使用自家製植物性飼料 * 優質營養飼養,雞肉比例高、脂肪少 根據本身的自然遺傳,PIO黃油雞生長比較緩慢,與普通雞的36天相比,它們的最低生長時間為56天。PIO黃油雞只吃植物性飼料,含礦物質和維他命,至少含65%穀物而且粟米含量高。雞肉對比脂肪的比例較高,肉質更自然和美味多汁。 📌此產品之網上價錢是根據平均重量計算,最後單價需按實際重量計算(通常+/-5至10%) * Natural growth - allowing at least 56 days * Only use in-house made plant based feed * High standard of nutrients resulting in higher proportion of meat to fat The PIO Yellow Chicken is a slow-growing lineage by its own natural genetics. They have a minimum growing time at a farm of 56 days compared to the 36 given to industrial chickens. The PIO Yellow Chicken has a 100% vegetal feeding, with minerals and vitamins. With a minimum of 65% of cereals. High content in corn. Turning the chickens into meat, not fat, with a firmer and more natural texture that is tasty and juicy. All PIO yellow Chicken is raised in the best Galician farms. The density does not increase by 14 birds per square mete. There are humidity, temperature, light, CO2 and ammonia controls. Complete traceability from birth to the point of sale. 📌 This is a pay-by-weight item. Listed price is based on average weight of the product, final amount will be based on actual weight (usually within +/-5 to 10%)