❄️越南 枝豆春卷 Vietnam Mini Edamame Spring Rolls



每包20條 約200g * 可油炸、焗、氣炸 * 迷你春卷最適合派對、當前菜或佐酒 簡單的春捲皮包著枝豆,春卷皮薄鬆脆,帶出枝豆的清爽口感,多吃也不膩。 成份: 枝豆、鹽、混合米粉、小麥粉、乳化劑、大豆油、澱粉、水 * Suitable to deep fry, oven bake or air fry * Mini size excellent for parties, as appetiser or with your favourite beer Simple spring roll recipe with thin crispy wrapping, you can enjoy eating a little more without feeling heavy Ingredients: Edamame, salt, rice flour mix, wheat flour, emulsifier, soybean oil, starch, water

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