❄️馬來西亞 千層脆餅 Malaysia Kawan Flaky Paratha



每包五塊 400g * 不含反式脂肪、人工防腐劑 鬆脆分層薄片狀的paratha,有手工製的質感。 Paratha 起源於印度,這種用途廣泛的千層餅在每間印度餐廳都會有,傳統上可配搭任何咖哩,甚至可配搭果醬或朱古力醬等等,可鹹可甜 成份: 小麥粉、水、人造牛油(棕櫚油)、糖、鹽、泡打粉 烹調說明: 1. 不用先解凍,否則薄餅會黏成一疊 2. 記得先將每塊薄餅之間的膠隔層移除 3. 應選用不黏鍋,不用加油,中慢火煎,期間可冚蓋令千層餅鬆起更多 * Halal * Trans fat-free * No artificial preservatives Light and fluffy, the flakey paratha offers a handmade texture. Parathas have a flaky, layered texture and a wonderful aroma. Originating from India, parathas have become so popular that other cultures have adopted it as their own. This versatile flatbread is consumed during every meal and can be eaten traditionally with curries or even with toppings such as jams or chocolate. Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Margarine (Palm Oil Based), Sugar, Salt and Baking Powder Directions: Remove a packet of paratha from freezer (Do not defrost as this may make dough sticky). Peel the plastic layering from the paratha. Place the paratha on a pre-heated pan. Pan fry for 1 - 1.5 minutes each side until golden brown. Remove the paratha from the pan. Using both hands, add the paratha gently by the edges to make it light and fluffy.